RecFest 2023 - Disrupt Stage

RecFest 2023 - Disrupt Stage

RecFest 2023 - Disrupt Stage
  • Rethinking Recruitment

    As a recruiter, time and cost-to-hire matter. But in an era of high turnover, changing roles and increasing disengagement, these metrics fall short. Our panel will share lessons on leveraging people-science for effective recruitment, swift onboarding and true team-fit, not just role-fit. For succ...

  • Harnessing the Power of Technology for Shift-Worker Hiring

    A Panel Conversation with Laundryheap and Tech with Heart on how they transformed their hiring process to drastically cut their time-to-hire and win the war for talent by using an ATS that was designed to hire frontline workers.

  • How Did EY 10x A Niche Talent Community?

    A conversation between Samantha Ramsay, Head of Experienced Hire UK&I at EY and Katie Obi, Chief People Officer at Beamery where they will touch upon proactive sourcing, community engagement and hiring diversely.

  • Winning in a Candidate Short Market

    Join Stephen McGrath and Oliver Beckett to learn more about using marketing automation for long-term business wins. Oliver will be explaining the recruitment challenges for Stowe Family Law, how they have implemented the iCIMS marketing automation platform, as well as highlighting some of their k...

  • Hiring for Potential in the age of ChatGPT

    What would it mean for you to increase the size and diversity of your talent pools and identify high-quality candidates in roles that are really hard to hire for, without compromising recruiter time and resources? And in a way that can’t be gamed by a tool like ChatGPT?

    For many technical roles...

  • How are you traversing the tricky talent terrain in 2023?

    With macro-economic conditions changing recruitment worldwide, we will be quizzing Steve Barnes, Vice President – Head of Global Screening Governance at Barclays to hear how they are navigating this new territory to find, retain, and screen talent.

  • How Kraft Heinz Uses Data to Demand Diversity in Hiring

    Today’s employers face a myriad of talent acquisition roadblocks – tightened budgets due to economic downturn, mounting layoffs, and a generational workforce shortage – all while in the pursuit of efficiently hiring top talent that reflects the diversity of the world around us. How can employers ...

  • It’s not crazy, it’s conversational

    Imagine the ability to schedule candidate interviews with a 92% acceptance rate and achieve it within an average time of 3.5 hours or less. Impossible? Crazy? Never going to happen? AstraZeneca did it. Using next gen conversational software that automates time consuming hiring and recruiting task...

  • Flashforward and Flashback to Disrupt Early Talent Assessment – Now!

    Right now, the assessment “no-go’s” of yesterday are being made possible by tech and AI disruption. Our attitudes to Early Talent assessment best practice are changing. However, which ethical and practical guardrails will sustain over time, and which can we challenge in order to enhance predictio...

  • AI will save Recruitment

    People are freaking out about AI, but they needn’t. In fact, high-performing Recruiters are especially well-positioned to benefit from this revolutionary technology. Hear Siadhal Magos, Metaview co-founder and CEO, explore why this is such an exciting time to be working in Recruitment