RecFest 2023 - Inclusive Hiring Stage

RecFest 2023 - Inclusive Hiring Stage

RecFest 2023 - Inclusive Hiring Stage
  • Could neurodiversity be the key, to innovation in your business?

    Intro - Who am I

    What is neurodiversity ?

    A quick look at the data regarding neurodiversity

    Why neurodiversity is no longer just an HR KPI - I challenge you to look at neurodiversity differently

    What is innovation and why do businesses need it?

    What do all businesses have in common” Dive...

  • Pay Equity - How TA can have an impact

    How can we as TA have an impact on pay equity in our businesses? This session will look at how we can use our influence to advocate and challenge in the offer process, to ensure equity and fair pay at point of offer

  • Are sustainability and inclusion the key to attract and retain talent?

    The concept of "bring your whole self to work" has become a widespread standard, driven by the desire to foster a sense of belonging among employees and mitigate feelings of exclusion in the workplace. As organisations aim for greater diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), they face the challeng...

  • Diversity Journey: Free School Meals to Global Head of TA at Baringa

    Overcoming and embracing diversity (both socio-economic and neurodiversity), an overview of my journey to Global Head of TA at Baringa. Looking at the do's and Do Nots that have worked for me, getting to this point and then transforming the function.

  • Diversity and Inclusion

    Alongside Natasha Whitehurst, Global Diversity and Inclusion leader at Rolls Royce, we will be exploring some of the tried and tested methods that organisations are adopting to help with the retention and advancement of their colleagues from diverse backgrounds. We will look at what some of the l...

  • A.R.E. You Diversifying Your Talent Pool?

    Join us for an insightful conversation with industry leaders on how to attract, retain & engaging Black talent in 2023 and beyond. With shortages still being cited for skilled black talent there's more that the industry and organisations can do to close the gap. BYP Network's CEO & Interim Chief ...

  • From Likes to Hires

    Leveraging our extensive insights from producing the largest report on black talent, join Mils as he provides actionable and practical insights on how to: Create inclusive and diverse content that’s appealing and fosters a sense of belonging, Optimise job postings and advertisements on social med...

  • A more equitable future: Diversity, inclusion and belonging in the UK workplace

    During this session, we will be sharing some of our most recently commissioned YouGov data on diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging in the UK workplace. Alongside the data, we will be exploring ways in which we can mitigate bias and remove barriers to meaningful employment.

  • Is it safe to enter?

    "Recruiting ""diverse"" talent into organisations is often seen as the solution for a bigger problem without going back to the root of the actual problem and creating an environment that is safe for those who are the most impacted by systemic issues.

    We've be discussing why its important and ho...

  • Hiring Disasters! Navigating safety, candidate experience and speed at scale

    Criminal checks have gone up >500% in the last 5 years and our teams are now filled with robots. What's going on? Join Zinc as we delve into the soaring UK background checks, the disruptive influence of automation and AI on recruitment, and the mounting pressure to mitigate risks and control hiri...