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  • Talent Tech Rising - Pre Show!

    1 season

    A vast wilderness of innovation and modernisation can lead to difficult decisions when it comes to choosing the right technology for your function. Bill, Kirstie and Alan discuss all things buying, implementing, utilising technology within the recruitment landscape to help guide the modern recrui...

  • Tales from the Dark Side - Can HR and TA be Friends?

    Lisa Ford speaks to Melanie Hayes and Barbara Lee, two leaders who've moved between HR and TA, to get their insight on how to build a partnership between these two critical HR functions - HR Generalists and TA Specialists - and work towards shared success.

    Speakers: Lisa Ford, Melanie Hayes and ...

  • Sourcing Behind the Mask

    Johnny Campbell discusses how the pandemic has impacted how talent acquisition professionals are sourcing candidates.

    It's packed to the gills with interesting insights and actionable advice!

  • Feline Good? The Cat's Eye View of the Candidate Experience

    Brands are bending over backwards to deliver original consumer experiences that surprise us, make us feel special and make our lives easier. But the same can’t always be said of organisations when it comes to the consideration and care put into their candidate recruitment experiences.
    Poor candid...

  • Dinosaurs, Lions, Diversity

    Torin Ellis provided a timeline of D&I efforts, the stalls that are in progress and what generation Z expects of us recruiters.

    Speaker: Torin Ellis
    Event: RecFest 2019

  • NAME; A Story by June Agrawal

    A powerful story about the struggle June went through as an immigrant in a Western country. Like June, there are thousands of other people who go through challenging times to secure their first opportunity in a new land.

    This story is dedicated to all those who left their loved ones to create ...

  • Truthiness in Storytelling

    Marcus Body spoke to the RL100 on the idea of #truthiness. In this modern world, we don't care whether a story or an idea is true or false anymore, we care about whether or not something has truthiness.