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The Shortlist

How IKEA is responding to the current challenge of Candidate Experience


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  • Coping with the new volume of applicants

    Today on The Shortlist, we're joined by Melkeya McDuffie, renowned author and thought leader. She'll be in conversation with Holly Fawcett to discuss how jobseekers can stand out and get the confidence they need for their new role, and also how recruiters can cope with this new volume of applicants.

  • Tips for Sourcing During the Pandemic

    With ‘uncertainty’ being the topic of the year, people are opting for stability when it comes to unemployment. Moving jobs during a pandemic is not a risk the majority of people are willing to take.

  • The biggest thing to affect the talen...

    Johnny Campbell will be joined by the acclaimed Gerry Crispin, Principal and Co-Founder of CareerXroads, to discuss the biggest thing to affect the talent industry in 2020..Hint?

    It's definitely not what you're thinking!