Talent Management & Hiring

  • Driving and Measuring Success in Recruitment Marketing & Employer Branding

    Finding unique ways to raise your organisation above the noise is essential in this current candidate market. Steph McGinty (Kingfisher) and Jennifer Candee (Cargill) will discuss how effective recruitment marketing and employer branding will enable you to attract and hire elusive talent.

  • How to Excel in Tech Recruiting in a Competitive Hiring Market

    Tech recruiting can be a challenging field, especially in this tight market. But there are ways to set yourself up for success – and Alison Daley (Recruiting Innovation) and Virginia Ionita (Toast) will discuss just how! Join them on stage and discover their insights and tactics to excel in this ...

  • How to Drive Speed, Quality, Diversity, and Results in Today's Market

    Speed, quality and diversity are the essential trifecta of hiring. Every person in Talent Acquisition strives for these. But how do you maintain such standards in this competitive hiring market? Join Michel Guye-Bergeret (SITA), Stacy Zapar (The Talent Agency) and Peter Coulson (Spotify) to disco...

  • Elevating your Internal Mobility Strategy

    Statistically, internal candidates will generally make more successful hires than external. So why are internal hires still less common? Paul Bowles (Nokia) and Kingsley Aikins (The Networking Institute) join up to discuss how to elevate your internal mobility strategy so it becomes an effective ...

  • Engaging and Retaining Talent in 2022

    Employee engagement is the term on every TA person’s lips in 2022. Companies are struggling to keep employees engaged and it’s leading to severe retention challenges. Lee Andrews (Mambu) and Gail Shaw (Hudson RPO) will discuss strategies and tactics that they've seen work for engaging and retaini...

  • Cultivating a Psychologically Safe Work Environment

    Every employee deserves to show up as the best version of themselves. But creating a psychologically safe and inclusive work environment requires consistent effort. Join Yasmin Sheikh (Diverse Matters), Joanne Lockwood (See Change Happen) and Sinead Rose (We Are We) to learn how your organisation...

  • Create and Sustain a Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive Workplace

    Conversations about DEI are omnipresent, but creating and sustaining a workplace that truly embodies these practices requires more than talk. In this panel, Dr. Joanna Abeyie (BBC) and Dr. Mary Collins (RCSI) dig into the actionable necessities behind successful DEI programs.

  • Diverse Hiring Strategies and Perspectives

    Leading DEI expert, Torin Ellis, and Paul Bowels from Nokia will discuss the importance of understanding a range of diverse perspectives and embedding diverse hiring strategies when recruiting. Through their insights, you’ll discover how to build these into your talent acquisition processes, so y...

  • How to Build a Hiring Culture to Drive Great Hiring Results

    Hiring isn’t just the job of TA – it’s a company-wide imperative. Join Yasar Ahmad (HelloFresh) and Annabel Nichols (Avanade) on stage for an in-depth look at how embedding a culture of hiring into the DNA of your organisation can lead to even better hiring results.