TA Global Gathering

TA Global Gathering

23 Episodes

TA Global Gathering is a unique virtual experience to bring the TA industry from around the world together to talk talent once more.

Thousands of TA professionals from hundreds of countries attend live, watching content from world-class speakers and interacting in a virtual way like never before!

In 2020 we heard inspiring talks from topics from the ‘old world’ such as Employer Branding, Diversity & Inclusion, Values & Culture, Candidate Experience, Automation, Executive Recruitment… to the hot topics of the ‘new world’ such as Remote Hiring, Returning to Work, Future of Work and much more!

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TA Global Gathering
  • Helping Hiring Managers to Suck Less!

    Episode 1

    Since the beginning of time, Recruiters have really had only one thing holding them back, they are called the Hiring Managers! Truly, great recruiting happens when we have great hiring managers and too often it's up to us as recruiters to teach and mold hiring managers into great talent attractor...

  • Leading Your Workplace Consciously and with a Conscience

    Episode 2

    Where mental health concerns, coupled with ongoing concerns of employee engagement, morale, and abuses of power in the workplace and society are top of mind for many leaders it would appear we need a new method to the madness of humans leading humans. The workplace is a dystopian ecosystem of sor...

  • Building Your Business Acumen to Earn A Seat on The Table

    Episode 3

    Ehab Abdul Hafez discusses why business acumen is essential, and the three steps to build it for Talent Acquisition Leaders.

    Speaker: Ehab Abdul Hafez
    Event: TA Global Gathering

  • Black Women Rise: Honest Discussions about Race and Work

    Episode 4

    An honest discussion about race and work.

    In light of the killing of George Floyd in May 2020 and what seems like an outbreak in racial divisiveness, there has been an outcry on the part of Black people around the globe and most notably in America. At the helm of many of the stories and demands ...

  • Making an impact with Culture Curators

    Episode 5

    With company culture being a defining topic, how can we ensure candidates experience these elements during their recruitment journey and why should we care about cultural enrichment?

    This talk discusses:
    - Identifying your culture maximisers
    - A selection of fun and insightful employer branding ...

  • Why D&I Is Important (The Beginning)

    Episode 6

    This is a high-level presentation on why D&I is essential in the workplace. Abi Adamson talks about the reasons organisations should be more diverse and the impact it has on people inside the business.

    Speaker: Abi Adamson
    Event: TA Global Gathering

  • Executive Recruitment - A Guide for All Recruiters

    Episode 7

    Adrian's presentation will explore hiring for the most senior roles in a company or organisation. Positioning where executive recruitment sits as part of the global staffing market, Adrian will explain what to expect from global search providers and provide some thoughts and checklists on best pr...

  • The Future of L&D: How to Pimp your WFH Virtual Program

    Episode 8

  • Recruitment (Visual) Stories For The Here & Now

    Episode 9

    Our world has drastically changed. And, so has our workplaces and the stories we need to tell.

    In this short presentation, Elena dives into the recruitment stories that candidates want to understand in the here and now. Whether it's understanding how roles have changed or what to expect in the ...

  • Brand Slam: The Biggest Things to Hit Employer Branding in 2020

    Episode 10

    Finn is joined by two colleagues in a good-natured barney over what will have the biggest impact on employer branding in 2020. Will it be COVID-19? Black Lives Matter? Or the almost-forgotten Brexit? As the conversation twists and turns, the conclusion may well surprise you – and don't forget you...

  • Hacking the Human Brain: Neuroscience Reapplied to Sourcing Outreach Messages

    Episode 11

    What drives your behaviour? You think you're making rational decisions? Think again.
    When you outreach people who are not looking for a role, the natural behaviour is to reject.
    What if you learned from behavioural science how to shape your messages to drive better results and positive responses...

  • Global EVP: MAKE IT HAPPEN > From MondeWho? to MondeWOW!

    Episode 12

    Mondelez was formed as a new company in 2012 with a split from Kraft. Even with 90K employees, 7 years later, people still didn't know who or what the company was about. Learn how they "made it happen" - the pitfalls, the migraines and the sweet success…
    Developing a Global EVP at a large multi...

  • Becoming an Effective Workplace Ally

    Episode 13

    “Workplace allies” are people who are willing to personally align themselves with colleagues to make sure they're heard and included. When most employees are confronted with the problems of discrimination, harassment, and other bad behaviour at work, they assume that their job is limited to their...

  • How to Move From Notetaker to leader in 7 Critical Conversations

    Episode 14

    As corporate recruiters, we have an incredible opportunity to shape how our hiring managers think about WHO they hire and HOW they hire. But too often, we lead with the what and the how, and don't do enough to share our point of view, to explain the WHY behind our strategy or process recommendati...

  • Candidate and Employee Experience Considerations for Today and Tomorrow

    Episode 15

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) has devastated the global economy and the recruiting and hiring world. And although many companies have laid off, furloughed and/or frozen hiring altogether, employee and candidate communication has never been more important. Candidate and employee experience today will imp...

  • Recruitment Leadership in a Paper Clip World

    Episode 16

    The recent pandemic has changed everything including recruiting. The way we recruit will change permanently and require new leadership comfortable with ambiguity. Kevin discusses this new world and outlines the skills and traits of the new recruiting leader.

  • Growing Through Change

    Episode 17

    Just how adaptable is your talent acquisition team? What once might have seemed like a rhetorical question is actually something far more intrinsically important to the success of teams as they navigate the new post-covid working realities. Senior Recruiter with LinkedIn, Marie Herlihy, walks us ...

  • Diversity and Inclusion: Building a Framework for Change

    Episode 18

    This presentation talks about how to tackle diversity and inclusion head-on in the workplace. Sharing a framework for change, hackajob provide key, measurable examples on how you too can make a difference to your organisation.

  • The Automated Future of Recruiting

    Episode 19

    Deeper automation in recruiting is now an inevitability. In this presentation, Matt Alder talks about the need to view automation from a strategic perspective and identifies the key issues all Talent Acquisition leaders will have to address moving forward

  • Could Technology Take My Job?

    Episode 20

    Technology can provide insights to help automate and improve sourcing, screening, scheduling and interviewing processes—all with the eventual goal of providing better hires, faster. But the advantages are not just technological. Embracing technology and automation can free up your time to focus o...

  • Feline Good? The Cat's Eye View of the Candidate Experience

    Episode 21

    Brands are bending over backwards to deliver original consumer experiences that surprise us, make us feel special and make our lives easier. But the same can’t always be said of organisations when it comes to the consideration and care put into their candidate recruitment experiences.
    Poor candid...

  • Approaching the Future of Work as a Transition Architect

    Episode 22

    As we enter a new era of human evolution, work is merely one of the many aspects of social life that’s undergoing a transformation. However, regardless of time and space, there are intrinsic factors in the very nature of work that will never change. To prepare for the future of work, we need to t...

  • Neurodiversity; TIME to Change

    Episode 23

    Neurodiversity has taken shape and we are starting to embrace the concept and idea that teams perform at their optimum, when made up of different minds and approaches. But how are we going to take it to the next level? What is the answer? Are we ready for what's required in the new world!