• Where have all the candidates gone The changing behaviour of Gen Z?

    The way Gen-Z's and Millennials look for jobs has changed - in terms of where they go and what they want. Join us as we explore the evolution of candidate behaviour and how adapting your tech and recruitment styles can broaden your talent attraction strategy. In conversation with some big names i...

  • Stop the Bias

    Be warned, these findings may shock you.
    Discover a surprising mismatch between perception and reality regarding bias in the industry, considering bias from the perspective of candidates and recruiters.
    Join Neil Armstrong, Chief Commercial Officer at Tribepad, alongside a panel of special guests...

  • Meet The Fair Hiring Pioneers how to remove bias for good

    In this interactive session, Applied's People Scientist, Stefanie Schultheis, will cover the fascinating science behind fairer recruitment. We introduce some of the businesses pioneering fair and inclusive hiring practices, and unveil some of the outstanding results achieved for HR teams and cand...

  • How do you reinvent your candidate experience?

    A good candidate experience is now the norm. So how do you make yours unique, memorable, and authentic for candidates? With reference to real-life client case studies, we'll share the latest innovative thinking on how to make the candidate journey 3 dimensional by using employee generated content...

  • Hiring in the Post-Pandemic Era

    Join us for a conversation about hiring in a post-pandemic world, and learn about tangible ways to automate hiring processes and optimize the candidate experience. Hear directly from Laundryheap and Picnic to discover how they’re winning the race for hourly talent.

  • Can global employment be human-centric?

    With competition for talent growing and burnout on the rise, the spotlight at many companies is on how they can create richer employee experiences. This is not just an act of unselfish generosity, but a roadmap to survival.

  • Candidate Experience or Candidate Evaluation

    In a hyper competitive market, time-to-hire is as critical as candidate evaluation. Can you ever have both whilst ensuring you deliver the candidate-centric recruitment process required to secure talent today? Recruitment experts from Thomas International and Brompton Bikes share the secrets to w...

  • Like Referrals. But Better

    Come join Sam Davies from Real Links and Katrina Hutchinson O'Neill from Join Talent to find out how taking a ‘campaign’ led approach to referrals can quickly transform your results (think a 400% increase in referral hires…).