RecFest: Through the Years

RecFest: Through the Years

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RecFest: Through the Years
  • I LOVE YOU, HR (said No Recruiter Ever)

    Episode 1

    Why does it seem like the process of hiring someone is more important to HR that the actual hiring. Robin Schooling (Head of People @ Strio Consulting) spoke on the Main Stage about the role HR plays in the recruiting process and her personal insights into working alongside the world of HR and th...

  • The Working World in 2030

    Episode 2

    Fast forward to 2030 – an increased population coupled with advancements in technology which inevitable means less jobs. Becca Guinchard (International Account Manager @ AssessFirst) spoke to the Disrupt stage audience about remaining relevant and making sure that we aren’t replaced by robots? Wh...

  • A Woman in a Man's world, Recruitment, Gender & Getting Ahead

    Episode 3

    Salma El-Wardany spoke about Diversity & Inclusion, beginning her session with a thought-provoking poem.

    Salma believes we are living in the most dangerous time for D&I and gives her 10 reasons of what is possible from here.

    Speaker: Salma El-Wardany
    Event: RecFest 2019

  • How to Sound Smart at Recruitment Conferences

    Episode 4

    James speaks about how you can spark and support the revolution in recruiting and hiring anywhere you are.

    Speaker: James Ellis
    Event: RecFest 2019

  • Winning means more than just great Talent Acquisition

    Episode 5

    Kevin speaks about the world of work and its rapid change and how attracting great talent is important, but not enough.

    Kevin goes on further and covers how to make sure your EVP is real and different. Organisations create meaning and purpose, build great leadership and unique cultures to win t...

  • Dinosaurs, Lions, Diversity

    Episode 6

    Torin Ellis provided a timeline of D&I efforts, the stalls that are in progress and what generation Z expects of us recruiters.

    Speaker: Torin Ellis
    Event: RecFest 2019

  • How to give Hiring Managers What They Really Want, Speed and Quality

    Episode 7

    John Vlastelica shared what he’s learned from working with thousands of hiring managers and recruiters at over 100 companies.

    How can we create alignment? Diagnose conversion problems? Push back on unrealistic hiring managers and engage hiring teams to speed everything up, while keeping the bar...

  • The Multiplier Effect

    Episode 8

    Multipliers are people who have an exponential benefit to themselves, the people around them and the world at large. How can you apply these key criteria to help you discover the best candidates for your business?

    How can we as recruiters look to the future, by going back to the past?

    Speaker: ...

  • The Dyslexic School Dropout

    Episode 9

    Maisy Salsbury spoke about the reasons that swayed her away from the traditional post-school route of university and into a job. Times are changing and university is not necessarily the best route for everyone, it is so important to make people ware of the alternative routes. Alternative being th...