Opening Sessions - RecFest 2022

  • Importance of the relationship with your Hiring Manager

    - Why is having a strong relationship with your Hiring Manager is key to your success
    - How does a good relationship with your Hiring Manager look like
    - How can you start building that relationship today

  • Visualising Experimental Design in Employer Brand

    With the future on our heels, we must be present for it. Content creation and the audiences that we create for are digesting content in new ways and crave to feel seen. In this session we will dive into the newest content styles that wider audiences are seeking and how to use creative application...

  • Talent's Ultimate Playlist - Counting Down the Hits of the #futureofwork?

    What if we asked TA Professionals whether they would want to relive the last couple of years all over again?
    If the trauma of the post-pandemic world has taught us anything as people practitioners, we should all want the answer to that question to be NO. When hiring was turned on its head creativ...

  • Get Talent Acquisition fit for the future with advanced behavioural science & AI

    Using behavioural science and big data to attract talent, build high performing teams and unearth the leaders of tomorrow

    Speaker points:
    - Highlight key industry findings from AssessFirst's recent research Generation Alpha
    - Share the experiences of BNP Paribas using AssessFirst to develop fut...

  • Transforming Your Approach to Finding and Hiring Great Talent

    The challenges facing Talent Acquisition continue to evolve and it’s vital to keep adapting your approach and processes. Kevin Blair (Celonis), Adele Lomax (BCG) and Andy Headworth (HMRC) team up for a discussion on how to best transform your approach in order to find the right candidates and mee...

  • Surely recruiters don't damage the earth? Think again

    The Sustainable Recruitment Alliance is focused on how the world of early talent recruiting can play its part in tackling the Climate emergency. It has three main pillars:
    - Review early talent recruitment, identifying opportunities to cut waste and make carbon savings
    - Reduce accordingly, tak...

  • High Volume Hiring Better, Faster, Smarter with AI?

    There’s an important segment of the workforce that isn’t online scrolling through job ads or visiting company career sites. These modern nomads are the part of the workforce keeping supply chains alive and moving. Without them, much of our daily lives would be disrupted. They are an essential pie...

  • Why Inspiration Will Unlock The New World of Work

    We've seen transformational changes across the talent landscape over the past several years. What we once called "future of work" is our firm reality today. As we seize this generational opportunity to redesign work itself, inspiration will be the key. In this interactive session, Lars will explo...

  • A Conversation with Torin Ellis

    Join Torin Ellis in conversation with Sonya Barlow and Louise Triance.