Pandemic Perspectives

  • Approaching the Future of Work as a Transition Architect

    As we enter a new era of human evolution, work is merely one of the many aspects of social life that’s undergoing a transformation. However, regardless of time and space, there are intrinsic factors in the very nature of work that will never change. To prepare for the future of work, we need to t...

  • Sourcing Behind the Mask

    Johnny Campbell discusses how the pandemic has impacted how talent acquisition professionals are sourcing candidates.

    It's packed to the gills with interesting insights and actionable advice!

  • The Future of L&D: How to Pimp your WFH Virtual Program

  • The Automated Future of Recruiting

    Deeper automation in recruiting is now an inevitability. In this presentation, Matt Alder talks about the need to view automation from a strategic perspective and identifies the key issues all Talent Acquisition leaders will have to address moving forward

  • Candidate Experience: The Human Touch

    Melissa Santos discusses how to invest into your candidate experience and ways to stand out in the market. She also talks through a candidates perspective of job hunting during a pandemic.

  • Candidate and Employee Experience Considerations for Today and Tomorrow

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) has devastated the global economy and the recruiting and hiring world. And although many companies have laid off, furloughed and/or frozen hiring altogether, employee and candidate communication has never been more important. Candidate and employee experience today will imp...