• Now, New, and Next

  • How to attract and retain talent in a post-pandemic world

  • The Digital Talent Journey

    In a time of Accelerated Digital Transformation employers face huge challenges trying to source, attract and hire the talent they need. Analysts Matt Alder and Mervyn Dinnen, will draw on research from their book Digital Talent, to share how to: Broaden talent pools with Intelligent Hiring Increa...

  • Minus The Illusion – starting with the abstract

    “When communication goes out to customers, I feel like our words fall into the deep hole of White

    Corporate America trying to “sound inclusive and it bothers me enough that I don’t believe in our

    product as much as I used to.” Said by an employee within an HR Tech company. This person

    goes on ...

  • TA Futurology looking to 2027 by remembering 2007

    Join us on an engaging data driven journey into what the TA impacts of the 2007 financial market depression can tell us about the possible TA landscape ahead of us for 2022-2027.

    In this session we will examine some of the key trends predicted for the post-COVID years ahead- looking at TA budg...

  • Skills are the New Oil!

    Chris lives in the future. He is a big thinker who brings a creative approach to problem-solving. In this talk, Chris will share how the evolution of work and roles designed for the workforce have changed forever. Chris will talk about how leaders can take advantage of these shifting landscapes t...

  • How to include candidates that have no resume, no email address, and no internet

    SmartRecruiters' client Anglo American, has put their communities at the heart of their business. In South Africa, they have a responsibility to make their recruitment process accessible to all; and in some of our communities, running water does not exist let alone internet connectivity. they are...