Hiring Success

  • What is the Right Team Structure to Cope with Constant Change

    Listen to Simon Stoker (Ramboll) as he shares he thoughts with us on how he approaches TA teams as startups. How you grow and learn fast, and what to do when your team hits a plateau.

  • My Journey as Head of Talent at Wehkamp

    Tony will share his journey at Wehkamp, what did he see when he first started and what did he do the last couple of years to get to where they are.

    How did they land on the right team structure to support the business.

    Employer branding, not just be interesting for early careers, but also for p...

  • 35 Lessons in TA Transformation from the Front Lines

    -> What is the challenge with building a uniform selection process
    -> How do you influence your stakeholders / hiring managers without hierarchy
    -> Building a strong selection process is not a one time project

  • How do you Help Hiring Managers Assess the Right Things

    There is not a person who is colliers. but there is a way colliers operates. Do not force the experience, as it has to be real. If we are honest about the issues and challenges. relate back to onboarding and success of hires. Mindset is one of the biggest drivers, how do you assess on mindset, to...

  • Hiring Team Collaboration

    Recruitment is a team game and working in a collaborative way enables TA Teams to find the best talent, in the local or global market, in a time-efficient way.

    In this session, Kevin Lowe (First Abu Dhabi Bank) will explain how having the right process and technology in place can create greate...

  • Why Good Relationships with your Hiring Managers Changes Everything

    This panel discusses Hiring Manager relationship and why this is important, how you build the relationship, lessons learned, what is left to do and what did no go as expected.

  • How to Assess & Select in a Post-Pandemic World

    -> Why do so many organisations struggle with properly assessing their candidates
    -> What does a good selection process look like
    -> What different roles do you need during the interview process

  • How to Truly, Continuously Improve

  • Importance of the relationship with your Hiring Manager

    - Why is having a strong relationship with your Hiring Manager is key to your success
    - How does a good relationship with your Hiring Manager look like
    - How can you start building that relationship today