Future of Work

  • The Career Evolution of a Recruiter

    The role of the evolved recruiter and how they can be equipped with the right skills/tool kit to enable effective internal mobility.

    Speaker: Jo McCatty
    Event: RecFestOneWorld

  • How Remote Working Will Affect Global Recruitment Trends

    The talk is a statistical and research-based look at how companies are currently moving towards more remote-based workforces. We will talk about the history of the eight-hour workday. How the trend has increased over the last 15 years and predictions for how it will affect the future of recruitment.

  • 21st Century HR: A Framework for Modern People Ops

    What distinguishes modern people teams from their legacy counterparts? This is a question Amplify Founder Lars Schmidt has been examining for his new book. He'll share some of the key points of differentiation, including foundational elements of modern people teams, in this session.

  • Let’s Flip the Pyramid with Autonomy & Collective Intelligence

    Amin Sorour gives 5 reasons why companies and leaders must foster and enable autonomy & empowerment.
    How can employee autonomy help organizations better deliver digital transformation and change management projects? Amin has overseen many organization-wide digital transformation projects and has...

  • An Internal Talent Marketplace Build Upon a New Talent Philosophy

    There is a clear connection between employee wellbeing and company performance. With a lot of leavers choosing to change jobs because they can't find new internal opportunities, it might be time to rethink your work philosophy to retain talent.

  • The Future of Work and All Those Rumours

    David D'Souza addresses the rumours that technology will steal your job in the future. Experts cannot seem to agree on what the impact of technology and automation will be. Some have predicted apocalyptic scenarios while others have predicted utopian worlds where work is no longer necessary. Davi...

  • The Automated Future of Recruiting

    Deeper automation in recruiting is now an inevitability. In this presentation, Matt Alder talks about the need to view automation from a strategic perspective and identifies the key issues all Talent Acquisition leaders will have to address moving forward

  • Approaching the Future of Work as a Transition Architect

    As we enter a new era of human evolution, work is merely one of the many aspects of social life that’s undergoing a transformation. However, regardless of time and space, there are intrinsic factors in the very nature of work that will never change. To prepare for the future of work, we need to t...