• Dyslexia my superpower

    Who am I ? I work in the talent space and have been working in leadership for the last 15 years

    What is dyslexia ?

    What was it like growing up with dyslexia in the 80’s and working in the early 2000s ?

    What’s changed since the early 2000’s , what could we do better ?

    What are my struggles b...

  • OWN IT: They key to being confident!

    Being confident isn't something that comes easy to everyone but is not having any holding you back? Can self confidence truly change the trajectory of your life? From imposter syndrome and self doubt to thriving career and even writing a book about it, Jess discusses how learning to grow in confi...

  • Using design thinking to build your Sourcing model

    I see Sourcing as a problem-solving function. Traditional problem-solving is a linear process with a solution as the end goal. Design thinking is more of an iterative process which can evolve with the business need. Join me as I talk through how we used this to build our model.

  • Recruiting flexibly across a global talent acquisition team

    An overview of hiring at Western Union along with a breakdown of how we have flexed our global hiring team over the last three years to support increases in recruitment across different locations and our learnings.

  • Harnessing Empowerment from Experiencing the Unexpected

    All set to begin my career as a teacher, a 10 minute fainting episode, changed everything. Learning to navigate the workplace with FND has taught me to use my experiences to empower myself, others and raise awareness. In talent, we empower people to embrace their individuality when embarking on t...

  • Go fast alone, or go further together

    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, it is a big concept, right? And yet the Recruitment industry has an enormous potential and power to help change society around us. But as the famous quote goes, with great power, comes great responsibility. I will be exploring the different ways in which staffing...

  • Root Cause Recruitment Marketing

    In a career of having recruitment problems thrust upon him, Rob has grown to appreciate that the key to successful attraction is often found in the 'what' rather than the 'where' or 'how'. This session covers practical ways of unknotting attraction problems without needing King Kong sized budgets...

  • Developing the AstraZeneca 'Women in Tech' Series

    In 2020, in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, I created the AstraZeneca Women in Tech Series – a video series where I (as the host) interview women in tech across our global business from all levels and seniority, across multiple disciplines and across all geographies – from Mexico to India, C...

  • Achieving 100% Recruitment Fill Rate

    Healthcare is one of the toughest markets for attracting candidates. For every 10 vacancies there are across the uk in Nursing, only 60 percent are filled. That means that the candidates have the power to choose where they go, and if / when they apply.

    I have achieved a rarity in where all of my...

  • Hiring Tech talent into Non Tech Roles

    Bethany will be looking at hiring tech talent into non tech roles. How we have explored ex-forces recruitment and how we go about headhunting and selecting those candidates.

  • Inclusivity Through my Disabled/Gay Lens

    In my final year at Uni in 2009 i had a car accident that left me disabled. I was in hospital for 3 months and broke (most notably) my neck, back, legs, pelvis, punctured both lungs (it was pretty gruesome!) I was struggling. I was behind my peers in terms of completing my degree as i had to ret...

  • Bringing In-House Recruitment "In-House"

    Bringing Inhouse recruitment “In House”

    Learn all about our Hand Picked restructure, the reasons behind it and proposed benefits, what this involved/areas for focus and roll out including the challenges and the successes so far!

  • Overcoming the Issues of Expansion in Talent Acquisition

    My story will be about Voi’s expansion journey in Spain. I was responsible for building up the team from scratch with a focus on D&I. I will talk about the variety of challenges I encounter and how I had to overcome different issues along the way (e.g legal, brand awareness, partnerships, candida...

  • The Cognitive Ability of the Candidate Market

    With Talent Acquisition being driven by data, stats, reports, utilisation etc. I sought to re-introduce the ‘people’ element back into our resourcing journey.
    We adopted a focus on Future Skills, Culture & Belonging, Leadership, and Digital Transformation. Rather than just role related knowledge ...

  • Excellence in TA Career Progression: What Went Right, What Went Wrong

    I will be discussing Excellence in career progression, aspects of what has gone excellently in my first stint as a functional lead in a large function, what I’ve learned, and advice for aspiring future leaders on how to progress their careers – what to do, but also what hasn’t gone excellently – ...

  • Opportunity Communicators: The Role of a Recruiter in Modern TA Functions

    Join Tom Davies (Global careers lead) and Emily Germon (Careers and academic outreach specialist), from AMICULUM and Ambit, in this interactive talk about what it means to be a recruiter in modern TA functions. In this talk we’ll cover (collectively) ‘falling’ into a career in recruitment, the ch...