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Pipeline Building by Developing a Digital Brand

Employer Brand, EVP & Marketing

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    Our world has drastically changed. And, so has our workplaces and the stories we need to tell.

    In this short presentation, Elena dives into the recruitment stories that candidates want to understand in the here and now. Whether it's understanding how roles have changed or what to expect in the ...

  • Does creativity thrive within limitat...

    Have we been more creative during lockdown and how is that going to affect the future for creators and brands alike.

    Jona provides some examples from the Vodafone global team as well as input from Marianna from Greece and Terryn from South Africa.

    Speaker: Jona Gjini
    Event: RecFestOneWorld

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    Brands are bending over backwards to deliver original consumer experiences that surprise us, make us feel special and make our lives easier. But the same can’t always be said of organisations when it comes to the consideration and care put into their candidate recruitment experiences.
    Poor candid...