Employer Brand, EVP & Marketing

  • Unfiltered Voices from our Student Panel!

    At the inaugural Future.Talent, we went directly to the source and staged an exclusive Student Panel where we asked how they are taking their first steps into the working world, adapting amidst a pandemic!

    The panel focused on the different experiences of four students who are currently job seek...

  • Pipeline Building by Developing a Digital Brand

    Pipelines are most effective when they aggregate technology, branding, and execution of strong recruiting principles. A Talent Access professional who relies too heavily on technology will get beat every time by a Talent Access professional who uses brand and technology.

    Joe Mullings shares the...

  • Recruitment (Visual) Stories For The Here & Now

    Our world has drastically changed. And, so has our workplaces and the stories we need to tell.

    In this short presentation, Elena dives into the recruitment stories that candidates want to understand in the here and now. Whether it's understanding how roles have changed or what to expect in the ...

  • Does creativity thrive within limitations?

    Have we been more creative during lockdown and how is that going to affect the future for creators and brands alike.

    Jona provides some examples from the Vodafone global team as well as input from Marianna from Greece and Terryn from South Africa.

    Speaker: Jona Gjini
    Event: RecFestOneWorld

  • Feline Good? The Cat's Eye View of the Candidate Experience

    Brands are bending over backwards to deliver original consumer experiences that surprise us, make us feel special and make our lives easier. But the same can’t always be said of organisations when it comes to the consideration and care put into their candidate recruitment experiences.
    Poor candid...

  • Own Your Loss

    In life and especially in our careers, there are wins and losses. It's the Losses that will truly define you depending on how you react, learn and grow from them. The first step is to OWN your losses. Once you can take accountability, then comes the self-awareness, vulnerability and then the grow...

  • Truthiness in Storytelling

    Marcus Body spoke to the RL100 on the idea of #truthiness. In this modern world, we don't care whether a story or an idea is true or false anymore, we care about whether or not something has truthiness.

  • How to Sound Smart at Recruitment Conferences

    James speaks about how you can spark and support the revolution in recruiting and hiring anywhere you are.

    Speaker: James Ellis
    Event: RecFest 2019

  • Video Marketing in Talent Acquisition

    In this creative presentation, Mark Gaisford gives a slightly different perspective as to the growing importance of video marketing in recruitment.

    During the pandemic, it has become increasingly hard to demonstrate the values, attitudes, behaviours and beliefs that contribute to workplace cult...

  • Making an impact with Culture Curators

    With company culture being a defining topic, how can we ensure candidates experience these elements during their recruitment journey and why should we care about cultural enrichment?

    This talk discusses:
    - Identifying your culture maximisers
    - A selection of fun and insightful employer branding ...

  • Brand Slam: The Biggest Things to Hit Employer Branding in 2020

    Finn is joined by two colleagues in a good-natured barney over what will have the biggest impact on employer branding in 2020. Will it be COVID-19? Black Lives Matter? Or the almost-forgotten Brexit? As the conversation twists and turns, the conclusion may well surprise you – and don't forget you...

  • Global EVP: MAKE IT HAPPEN > From MondeWho? to MondeWOW!

    Mondelez was formed as a new company in 2012 with a split from Kraft. Even with 90K employees, 7 years later, people still didn't know who or what the company was about. Learn how they "made it happen" - the pitfalls, the migraines and the sweet success…
    Developing a Global EVP at a large multi...

  • Candidate Experience in 2020 with Ben Gledhill

    Ben Gledhill begins his presentation referencing the EMEA CANDEs report into the state of candidate experience in 2018. The good news is that poor candidate experience is down, but the bad news is great candidate experience is also going down. 50% of people are walking away from your organisation...

  • Economical Employer Branding: Creativity on the Cheap

    Jessica Hayes discusses how to create a beautiful, imaginative employer branding campaign without a large creative team or a lot of money. Working for a small children's book company, Jessica found it difficult to find candidates who knew who they were and why people should work there.

  • How to Work in Harmony to Create Rocket Fuel for your Employer Brand

    Tom Portingale (Senior Employer Brand Manager @ Nationwide) spoke on how businesses and employer brands are harnessing the benefits and powers with working in-situ with their communication teams around their businesses to accelerate their employer brands.