Employer Brand

  • Break through the talent attraction noise with Podcasting

    NOISE: There is a lot of it out there, especially when it comes to business development.

    Yes, traditional cold calling/emailing still works, but to an extent, and we have all gotten a bit tired of it.

    There has to be a better way to reach your prospects, candidates, and target audience/customer...

  • Shaping your employer brand to drive diversity and inclusion

    During this session we will discuss the importance of a strong employer brand in attracting candidates and how creating diversity and inclusion programmes and employee led campaigns has made a difference in our recruitment strategy.

    Discussion points:

    - How to create employee led campaigns - P...

  • Building a Brand for Everyone in Talent Acquisition

    In August ‘21 the Tonic team arrived at the Resourcing Leaders Summit in Whitstable with a burning question... 'How could employers possibly find the talent that was needed to recover from the pandemic without enough TA people to find and hire the people required?' - It was clear we had our own t...

  • Purpose Driven Recruitment - 3 Ways to Increase DEI in Your Talent Strategy

    We continue to talk about a "War for Talent". However, I would say that we do not have a war for "talent," but a "War for Skills." In this session, I want to explain why I mean that and how you can leverage that mindset to increase diversity in your talent attraction and selection strategy. All w...

  • The Economy of Experience

    Peeling back the layers of Candidate Experience to understand it's true value and what the TA industry can learn from the consumer world

  • Embracing the Talent Makers mindset How to build a culture of great hiring

    The ability to find, attract and hire the right people has become more competitive and more vital to business growth than ever before, demanding that the entire organisation engages in hiring. That’s where the Talent Makers come in - the hiring heroes and business leaders who are changing the way...

  • Love me, I’m the Candidate

    Candidate experience has never been a hotter topic – #SpoilerAlert. But how to shine brighter than the competition is the true question of the age. Say hello to Jess Scarborough and David Macfarlane, PeopleScout’s aficionados of insight. Our duo’s big topic is showing career-seekers the love, so ...

  • Employer Brand isn't a Solo Act

    No matter how you shape it, EB isn't a a solo act.In this session, I'll breakdown why you can't do it alone, along with the work and collaboration that is needed to be successful.