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Diversity and Inclusion

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  • A Woman in a Man's world, Recruitment...

    Salma El-Wardany spoke about Diversity & Inclusion, beginning her session with a thought-provoking poem.

    Salma believes we are living in the most dangerous time for D&I and gives her 10 reasons of what is possible from here.

    Speaker: Salma El-Wardany
    Event: RecFest 2019

  • Diversity and Inclusion: Building a F...

    This presentation talks about how to tackle diversity and inclusion head-on in the workplace. Sharing a framework for change, hackajob provide key, measurable examples on how you too can make a difference to your organisation.

  • Neurodiversity; TIME to Change

    Neurodiversity has taken shape and we are starting to embrace the concept and idea that teams perform at their optimum, when made up of different minds and approaches. But how are we going to take it to the next level? What is the answer? Are we ready for what's required in the new world!