Diversity and Inclusion

  • Dropping the Mic on Social Mobility

    Join Shakira and Jamala as they share the Future.Talent stage in an honest discussion which centres around Social Mobility. They will be discussing the impact the past 12 months has had on students, the implications of this from a social mobility perspective and how TA’s can now make a bigger imp...

  • Cultivating Conscious Citizenship

    An unmissable session that will explore the challenges that exist in attempting to address inequity in Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities and at work.

  • Beyond the Labels

    Jurgen and Teresa share their personal experience of disability and the criminal justice system and make the human and business case for looking ‘beyond the labels’ and broadening your definition of diversity.

  • Why D&I Is Important (The Beginning)

    This is a high-level presentation on why D&I is essential in the workplace. Abi Adamson talks about the reasons organisations should be more diverse and the impact it has on people inside the business.

    Speaker: Abi Adamson
    Event: TA Global Gathering

  • Black Women Rise: Honest Discussions about Race and Work

    An honest discussion about race and work.

    In light of the killing of George Floyd in May 2020 and what seems like an outbreak in racial divisiveness, there has been an outcry on the part of Black people around the globe and most notably in America. At the helm of many of the stories and demands ...

  • Building a Framework for Internal Mobility

    Recruiting, acquiring and attracting the most qualified applicants at times presents a challenge within our talent ecosystem. To create strong performing teams with best in class innovation and creativity, companies recognize they must change their strategies to find diverse talent.

    This session...

  • Acquisition Mentoring - The Secret to Achieving D&I as a TA Professional

    How would you like to be able to ensure that not only do you attract the most diverse range of talent but that they go on to integrate and achieve, unlocking their full potential within your organisation?

    This presentation will share how to get your employer brand standing out, diverse talent a...

  • Harnessing Value in Other's to Maximize DEI Efforts

    Talent Acquisition is no longer alone in the journey to create a diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce. Internal resources as the Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) have become a partner for defining goals, creating awareness and buy-in, support employer brand actions and provide a wealth of in...

  • NAME; A Story by June Agrawal

    A powerful story about the struggle June went through as an immigrant in a Western country. Like June, there are thousands of other people who go through challenging times to secure their first opportunity in a new land.

    This story is dedicated to all those who left their loved ones to create ...

  • Leading Your Workplace Consciously and with a Conscience

    Where mental health concerns, coupled with ongoing concerns of employee engagement, morale, and abuses of power in the workplace and society are top of mind for many leaders it would appear we need a new method to the madness of humans leading humans. The workplace is a dystopian ecosystem of sor...

  • Dinosaurs, Lions, Diversity

    Torin Ellis provided a timeline of D&I efforts, the stalls that are in progress and what generation Z expects of us recruiters.

    Speaker: Torin Ellis
    Event: RecFest 2019

  • The Fine Art of Not Fitting In

    How do we make space in our organisations for fitting in? Dr J Harrison spoke about the fine art of not fitting in.

    They spoke about how their social identity is constantly challenged within recruitment processes, and how you can make simple steps towards being an inclusive workplace.


  • Understanding ASD: Make inclusion invisible

    Dr. Annie Clements discusses inclusive practices within your workplaces.

    Dr. Clements speaks about clarity, and expectations. We need to be clearer about what our expectations are. Simple honest statements can be construed as confusing to those with autism. The construct of a sentence or job-rel...

  • Everybody wants Ice Cream

    If you are expecting a D&I conversation similar to most D&I talks, you are in for a disappointment.

    Torin Ellis gave an honest account into the state of diversity in the recruitment industry and how the conversations that have been happening for over 100 years keeps starting from the first touch...

  • A Woman in a Man's world, Recruitment, Gender & Getting Ahead

    Salma El-Wardany spoke about Diversity & Inclusion, beginning her session with a thought-provoking poem.

    Salma believes we are living in the most dangerous time for D&I and gives her 10 reasons of what is possible from here.

    Speaker: Salma El-Wardany
    Event: RecFest 2019

  • Diversity and Inclusion: Building a Framework for Change

    This presentation talks about how to tackle diversity and inclusion head-on in the workplace. Sharing a framework for change, hackajob provide key, measurable examples on how you too can make a difference to your organisation.

  • Neurodiversity; TIME to Change

    Neurodiversity has taken shape and we are starting to embrace the concept and idea that teams perform at their optimum, when made up of different minds and approaches. But how are we going to take it to the next level? What is the answer? Are we ready for what's required in the new world!

  • The Dyslexic School Dropout

    Maisy Salsbury spoke about the reasons that swayed her away from the traditional post-school route of university and into a job. Times are changing and university is not necessarily the best route for everyone, it is so important to make people ware of the alternative routes. Alternative being th...

  • [PODCAST] Neurodiversity with Theo Smith

    1 season