• Unexpected Findings from Workable’s Massive Mental Health @ Work Survey

    Workable welcomes Michelle Paschali from Unmind to discuss some of the more interesting discoveries uncovered by the May 2022 global, multi-industry mental health in the workplace survey.

  • Turning Friction into Conversations

    What if you could replace barriers and pain in your recruiting process with high-touch interactions that are as simple as a quick, mobile-first conversation — without any more work? What if these interactions were personal and immediate — creating a memorable (and positive) experience for candida...

  • Social Recruitment, Really

    On average, 2hrs 27min per day is spent on social media, versus 1hr 35min on eating

    90% of the world’s mobile internet users are on social media, which is 58.4% of the world's population

    73% of millennials found their last position through social media

    71% of Recruiters said Social Media Recru...

  • Recruiting Fail You Are Not Listening

    You source, you spend, you offer, you extend. Yet, the divergence between your talent acquisition efforts and the C-suite’s expectations rival The Chasms on Isle of Man. There’s a good reason you’re trapped in a perpetual cycle of doom; you’re not listening. You’re not listening to the most impor...

  • Pre-boarding Boost retention before your new hire’s first day

    When onboarding is done well, organisations benefit. According to Glassdoor, new hire retention improves by 82% when a strategic approach to onboarding is in place. But onboarding doesn’t begin from a new hire’s first day. What about the gray area between a signed contract and the first day on th...

  • Humanise your employer brand and transform your attraction strategies

  • How does recruitment technology evolve to continually unlock efficiencies

    This session from Chris Bogh, CTO at Eploy, a leader in enterprise cloud E-Recruitment software, and Sam Jackson, Head of HR Shared Services at Mencap, looks at how to unlock additional business value after implementing recruitment technology.

    Mencap is a long-standing customer of Eploy and, ove...

  • Earning TA’s seat at the table Turning recruitment data into business strategy

    With constant fluctuations in the labour market, talent acquisition strategy can feel like a moving target. Because of this, TA leaders are struggling to be strategic partners for their leadership. While operational metrics are key, leaders outside of HR need to see the impact of hiring on busine...