Critically Acclaimed

  • Why D&I Is Important (The Beginning)

    This is a high-level presentation on why D&I is essential in the workplace. Abi Adamson talks about the reasons organisations should be more diverse and the impact it has on people inside the business.

    Speaker: Abi Adamson
    Event: TA Global Gathering

  • The Multiplier Effect

    Multipliers are people who have an exponential benefit to themselves, the people around them and the world at large. How can you apply these key criteria to help you discover the best candidates for your business?

    How can we as recruiters look to the future, by going back to the past?

    Speaker: ...

  • A Woman in a Man's world, Recruitment, Gender & Getting Ahead

    Salma El-Wardany spoke about Diversity & Inclusion, beginning her session with a thought-provoking poem.

    Salma believes we are living in the most dangerous time for D&I and gives her 10 reasons of what is possible from here.

    Speaker: Salma El-Wardany
    Event: RecFest 2019

  • Truthiness in Storytelling

    Marcus Body spoke to the RL100 on the idea of #truthiness. In this modern world, we don't care whether a story or an idea is true or false anymore, we care about whether or not something has truthiness.

  • How to give Hiring Managers What They Really Want, Speed and Quality

    John Vlastelica shared what he’s learned from working with thousands of hiring managers and recruiters at over 100 companies.

    How can we create alignment? Diagnose conversion problems? Push back on unrealistic hiring managers and engage hiring teams to speed everything up, while keeping the bar...

  • Strategic Workforce Planning

    With Workforce advances changing demographics, and the growing influence in consumers and talent markets shaping the future of work, creating threats as well as opportunities.

    See how you can use this shifting landscape as an opportunity to attract your future workforce. Hear how emerging techn...

  • Pipeline Building by Developing a Digital Brand

    Pipelines are most effective when they aggregate technology, branding, and execution of strong recruiting principles. A Talent Access professional who relies too heavily on technology will get beat every time by a Talent Access professional who uses brand and technology.

    Joe Mullings shares the...